Two sisters with two different professions (computing technical engineer and agricultural engineer) lose their jobs and decide it is about time to express their artistic interests. So they started a project which reveals their family inheritance (both are daughters and granddaughters of tailors) and allows them to give expression to their skills in handmade needlework.

We are Sonia and María Méijome Madriñán. We were driven by our eagerness and hope to make design and quality in handmade bags our hallmark when we founded NEPLU.

Creating a NEPLU bag involves a manual process without the assistance of automated devices. Many hours of meticulous work are required to produce each piece and make it unique.

We use several materials (mainly leather remnants from different origins), which we acquire in local stores.

Each NEPLU bag is fueled by many varied sources of inspiration – we are especially attached to the traditional methods used in the Creole art of making ropes performed by gauchos in Argentina, our birth country.

The place where our bags are created is Santiago de Compostela – a land that welcomes thousands of pilgrims from different spots of the planet each year. We wish to make that trip the other way round and make our NEPLU bags reach those diverse locations.



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